You Won’t See BioShock 2’s Twist Coming

Bioshock was certainly one of the best games introduced to the current generation–with the introduction of ‘Big Daddy,’ fans couldn’t wait for the unique sequel. Developer 2K has recently revealed how BioShock 2‘s storyline will surprise fans.

2K‘s Kent Hudson spoke to IGN in an interview, guaranteeing on how BioShock’s 2 plot twist will leave you shocked as you “won’t see it coming”.

There are definitely some things that I guarantee are going to surprise players, and in different ways than the first game. It’s not the kind of thing where you look at it and say, ‘Well, the first game had this one twist so this game’s got to have the same twist.’ No; you’re not going to see it coming, what happens in this game, and it’s very different than how it worked out in BioShock 1.

The system designer also commented on the sequel’s final stages:

The end-games in BioShock 2, I think… are based on a deeper set of circumstances than just whether or not you harvested or saved these Little Sisters, and there’s also more depth to them and more ways they can go, It’s not just a ‘light ending dark ending’ kind of thing.

In a month brimming with amazing titles, the survival-horror-FPS will be released on February 9 across multiple platforms.