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Persona 3 Portable Summons Release Date

Persona 3 for the PlayStation 2 was among the best RPGs released in 2008, and probably one of the best RPGs of all time.  It blended the Role Playing Game with a dating sim and turned it into an addictive ride for the player.  Atlus is hoping that the fans still have an itch to play Persona 3, this time for the PSP.

Atlus has heard the call from female gamers and in this enhanced remake, players will be given the chance to play as a female lead character.  This alters aspects of the game such as your starting Persona, some different Social Links, and various other tweaks.  The battle system has also been updated to play more like Persona 4, and the game features different music if the female lead character is chosen.

If you’re still up for another trip through Tartarus, then get your Persona ready, because the doors open in North America on July 6th.