PS3 Gets New Invite System

A member from the SCEE community team has detailed the PS3’s new invite system, and it’s pretty good to say the least. Modern Warfare 2 has it and now expect to see many more titles include it as well.

The PlayStation 3’s latest firmware has a feature which allows you to invite players via an active text chat room.

Yaster, a community team moderator for SCEE has detailed the process.

Ok for those who don’t know, it is possible to set up 16 player chatrooms on PS3 which allow you to text chat while playing games at the touch of the DUALSHOCK 3’s “PS” button, just go to your Friends menu on the XMB and select “Start a new chat” to get one started.

So I load up the game, go into the multiplayer section and enter the lobby, the place I go to normally set up my game.  Once again, like other titles, this feature is dependant on the game.  For Bioshock 2 I select “Manage Invites”. (Image)

The familiar invite message pops up, helpfully with a blank name first, allowing you to pick who you want to invite into the game.  Select this field. (Image)

The top option there is “Select from friends”, the second is “Enter Online ID” which I always find handy as it means you don’t have to have a person on your friends list.  The third option may be new to you “Select from Chat Rooms”.  Pick this one. (Image)

This is basically the list of active chat rooms I have open, just the one in this case.  Just select the chat room you wish to invite into your game. (Image)

This will be the next thing you see.  LordRoss and Mark are in the game invite, ready to be sent off. (Image)

The game’s which currently are known to support the invite system are Bioshock 2, Call of Duty Classic, and the Alien vs Predator Demo.

Awesome sauce. Please feel free in the comments below about any games which you know of that support the invite feature.