Crysis 2 To Take Full Advantage Of The PS3

Editor-In-Chief of the Official PlayStation Magazine UK, Gary Steinman, has revealed some interesting thoughts on the PlayStation 3 running Crysis 2.

Talking about the the main feature of the March 2010 issue of the PTOM, Stein talks about how the visuals for Crysis 2 for PS3 is “stunning”.

Yes, it’s a PC franchise. But when it’s widely regarded as one of the greatest shooters to ever grace the big gray box, it matters.

But that’s not the only reason I put Crysis 2 on the cover. A few months back, an old friend at EA snuck in to PTOM towers and showed me top-secret footage of the game in action. It was stunning – better looking than almost anything I’ve ever seen on PS3. and here’s the best part: All the glorious wreckage, the metropolitan carnage, the dynamic lighting and the realtime destruction, was generated not on a PC, nor an Xbox, but PS3.

He continues to say how Crysis will take full advantage of the PS3’s power:

Yep this baby is being built to take advantage of the massive power the PS3 offers – which is nothing to scoff at, considering Crytek’s original Crysis was almost unplayable on anything but the highest-end PCs when it was released.

Five minutes after my pal left, I began the push to be the first magazine to reveal Crysis 2’s true glory. And here we are.

The shooter will be looking to raise the bar in terms of visuals this fall.