Yakuza 3 Premium Edition Briging The Fight To UK

Sega has confirmed that the PlayStation 3 exclusive brawler, Yakuza 3, will be getting a premium edition ‘made’ for the UK.

The pack will contain the following items:

– Four packs of DLC (Battle for Survival, All-Star Tournament, All-Star Tag Tournament and Haruka’s Challenge)

– 31 track soundtrack

– Who’s Who of Yakuza

The pack’s contents were first detailed last month, this is what was reported:

* Battle for Survival (Survival Tag) DLC

* All-Star Tournament (7 character tournament) DLC

* All-Star Tag Tournament (8 team tournament) DLC

* Haruka’s Request DLC

* 31 Track soundtrack

* Yakuza Family tree – digital

* 4 Gameplay Trailers

* 3 x Development Diaries – Toshihiro Nagoshi

It will release on March 12. Yakuza 3 will release worldwide in March, while Japan receives the sequel of the fighter on March 18, 2010.