NaturalMotion May be Lacing up Their Skates

February 13, 2010Written by Cameron Teague

It’s been a while since gamers have had an in your face, smash-mouth hockey game like NHL Hitz on the PSOne.  It looks, however, like that wait could soon be over, as NaturalMotion has filed a trademark for Icebreaker Hockey.  That name should sound somewhat familiar if you are a fan of football, as NaturalMotion is currently working on Backbreaker, a football game that is looking to put the hurt on football fans very soon.

The trademark doesn’t really tell us anything except that developer NaturalMotion is looking into the idea of the hockey game and wants to make sure it’s all theirs should they go down that road.  Not sure about everyone else, but I had plenty of fun nights playing NHL Hitz and would love to get back into something like that again.

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