PS3 Review – Dynasty Warriors: StrikeForce

Dynasty Warriors: StrikeForce is based on the PSP game of the same name, which now includes ‘next-gen’ visuals, over 40 new missions and a 4-player online mode so that you and three of your friends can smash the square button as fast as you can… together! Do these new additions to the Dynasty Warriors formula make it rise above the rest or continue to show that the series needs a massive revamp?

If you’ve played any Dynasty Warriors’s game in the past, then you know how it starts out. The story takes place in Ancient China; you choose from one of three kingdoms: The Wu, Shu, and Wei kingdoms. After deciding on your kingdom, you then proceed to select which character you want to use as your main character. There’s a total of 40 different characters with a majority them actually being based historical figures from the time.

After selecting your ‘warrior’ (which you’ll be able to level-up) to um, lead your dynasty, you proceed to your ‘city’, which is littered with options and ways to upgrade your warrior. The Academy enables you upgrade your fury, musou, and basic abilities. Chi grant you new abilities from healing all of your fellow officers during battle to raising your attack power. Orbs can be attached to your weapons and to help increase your attack, defense, etc.. You can equip up to four chi powers to your character– One to each hand and foot.’ll be running around with different colored glowing body parts, which is funny to see. The only thing is that you can never tell if the chi powers make a difference or not, as it seems that it still takes several hits to kill even grunt enemies.

You can create and upgrade a ton of weapons via the blacksmith. There’s also a bulletin board which grants you new side missions to play through (with more coming FREE via the PSN down the road) , an item shop, and of course a storage building to hold all of your extra earned looted from battle. Plenty to do and keep you entertained, right?