Sony Submits New Slim Models to the FCC

February 22, 2010Written by Steven Garcia

Well, well, well. What do we have here? It seems the boys over at Sony Computer Entertainment Sand Dollar Enterprise are back, and this time they’ve brought with them two new slim models for the FCC to review. Usually, this type of thing gets us all very excited. However, we’re having a bit of trouble finding something to sing about.

The two models, submitted back in December, go by the names of CECH-2101A and CECH-2101B, and differ only in HDD space which we assume to be the very same 120GB and 250GB drives you see on shelves today. Looking further into the FCC filing reveals wifi and Bluetooth specs not unlike those already found in the current models. So, considering no notable changes have been made to the consoles, why even bother? Well, wireless goodness has conjured up the following hypothesis and it definitely sounds plausible:

We’re guessing that maybe Sony found a new manufacturer for some of its wireless components, and was forced to pass the PS3 Slim through the FCC again.

If true, perhaps the new components are cheaper, which would tie directly in with Sony’s long term goal of actually turning a profit with every PS3 sold. That said, the transition to a new part manufacturer coupled with the necessity to file with the FCC again, may in part be responsible for the current PS3 shortage.