Newegg’s Video Game Blowout Has Big PS3 Savings

Want to buy some PlayStation 3 games on the cheap? Online computer retailer Newegg is currently running a sale that may whet your conservative appetite. Take a look at the list after the jump!

Two different SingStars for a ten spot each.

Up for grabs for a limited time:

SingStar (Game Only) – $9.99

Singstar Volume 2 (Game Only) – $9.99

SingStar Bundle with 2 Microphones – $24.99

Enemy Territory: Quake Wars$8.99



Bionic Commando$9.99

50 Cent: Blood in the Sand$12.99

Katamari Forever$34.99

MotorStorm 2: Pacific Rift$27.99

Tekken 6 with Arcade Stick – $99.99

Guitar Hero Aerosmith Bundle – $39.99

Already Sold Out:

Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway $12.99

NASCAR 09 $12.99

Lair $12.99

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 $21.99

High School Musical: Sing It! Bundle with Microphone $12.99

Some very enticing deals there, get them before they’re gone!