UFC 2010 Taking Shots at Competition with New Screens

UFC Undisputed 2009 took the fighting world by storm as it became a worthy contender for best fighting game of the year, although Fight Night Round 4 stood in its way. UFC Undisputed 2010, however, has hit the gym, training to take the top spot among the fighting genre, setting its sights on the stiff competition that EA is planning with their upcoming MMA game. THQ has released some new screenshots of the impressive brawler hoping to beat down any excitement over EA’s MMA game.

UFC 2009 has sold well over 3.5 million units, and UFC 2010 is looking to beat that number into submission. The series is looking well on its way to doing just that with some impressive new screenshots.

UFC 2010 will dropkick the fighting game genre on May 25th. Check out PlayStation LifeStyle’s review of the last game in the franchise.