Castle Crashers ‘Serves Up’ New Content on the PS3

When The Behemoth, developers of Castle Crashers of one of the most popular Xbox Live Arcade ever released, would hit the PSN, fans rejoiced. 7 months later and guess? No Castle Crashers on the PSN!! Don’t get too worried though, as PS3 gamers will be receiving exclusive content upon release.

What kind of content you ask? How about…Castle Crashers Volleyball!?! Even though The Behemoth can’t nail down a date for release, or heck, even a guess about what month it might hit, announcing new content surely helps the wait. Here’s some details for about this all-new mode.

  • co-op and versus mode.
  • Online AND Local Play (Nice, since it’s such a rarity now-a-days)
  • 3 other friends can be involved in the multiplayer madness.
  • AI or 4 friends for up to 4 on 4 matches.
  • Play as any characters that you have unlocked.
  • Stats will be recorded for your character.
  • 8 different magic effects can be used to manipulate the ball.
  • Leaderboards!
  • 1,3, or 5 match sets.
  • Serving and Spiking moves.

They also released a teaser image, to show off their sweet new content.

What do you think, fellow PS3 owners? Does this new mode make it worth the wait? Once The Behemoth figure something out about a release date, PlayStation LifeStyle will let you know all about it.