Metro 2033 Developer Wasn’t Ready for the PS3

February 28, 2010Written by Thomas Williams

THQ stated earlier this week the reason why Metro 2033 wasn’t hitting the PS3 was due to a ‘business decision’. In a recent interview however, THQ is singing a different song and it might just be a hint at a PS3 port of the game.

According to an interview with WorthPlaying, Davind Langliers, Creative Manager over at THQ stated that it wasn’t just about had to do with the developer, 4A Games, not being ready to develop Metro 2033 for the PS3.

4A Games is a new studio, and while they are working on multiplatform technology, it just wasn’t quite ready at the time. We didn’t want to do a port that was going to feel lackluster compared to the other versions. That was really the reasoning behind the PS3. We are still working toward that end; they’re working very hard toward PS3 technology, and we’re hoping that in the future, we’ll be able to provide a complete, solid product that feels the same on every platform, no matter what you play it on.

Gotta admire 4A Games for holding back on the PS3 version because they didn’t quite understand developing for the PS3. Perhaps Valve should have talked to them before they gave us the craptastic Orange Box port, though they did apologize for it.  If you read between the lines though, maybe, just maybe, there’s still a glimmer of hope for the PS3 version down the road.

Metro 2033 hits that other HD console and the PC on March 16. The same day as God of War III hits the PlayStation 3. Oops.