Your PS3 Trophies are Safe and Sound [UPDATE]

One of PS3 owners’ biggest concerns with the PS3 calendar bug is whether their hard-earned trophies are still intact. Many people dedicate countless hours to obtaining a Platinum trophy in their favorite games, giving them serious “gamer cred.” Fret not, your precious shiny trophies are just fine.

In a recent tweet from EU PlayStation Community manager, MusterBuster says he has checked his trophies, and they are safe and secure.

Just checked my trophies here – they’re safe and sound 🙂

You, too, should check your trophies HERE, if only just to ease your mind.

Sony has recently released an update, diagnosing this major PS3 issue and stating a fix is coming within 24 hours. We’ll bring you up to the minute information regarding this massive PS3 issue as it unfolds.


Many users are reporting via Twitter that any unsynced trophies are not showing up in their PSN ID profiles. Only synced trophies are certain to be “safe and sound”. We’ll find out within 24 hours if any trophies unlocked post-sync can be salvaged.