Bizarre Creations Says Blur’s PS3 Port Will Not Suffer

At this point in the current generation of consoles, multiplatform games are basically identical on either the PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360. But when the PS3 was new to the scene, it often got lesser treatment. This fact is no doubt in the back of the minds of many gamers. Will the upcoming action-racer Blur suffer this fate?

Bizarre Creations, developer of past multiplatform game The Club, is looking to assure any PlayStation 3 owners worried that Blur may end up as an inferior port because the 360 is the lead platform. Lead designer Jed Talbot recently stated in an interview:

…the PS3 port is coming on quite well.  I personally don’t play it that much because we’re on the thin edge of development trying to look at other things like how balanced the gameplay is.  But we’ve got all the technical guys creaming over the PS3, and they’re saying that both versions work as well as each other.

The game was originally planned to be released last Christmas season, but Activision opted to give the team an additional eight months of polishing time. Hopefully that means the PlayStation 3 version was given a lot of extra attention. Blur is expected to release this spring.