PS3 Nunchuck Variation Not Only Exists, But Is Wireless

Since it’s reveal at E3 2009, the PS3 motion controller has been shrouded in mystery. However, with GDC already in full force, we expect much more news to be revealed. While we patiently await official news from tonight’s Sony Press Conference, a rumor has surfaced regarding a “nunchuck” attachment for the motion controller.

Word is coming out of CVG that a reliable source of theirs has not only seen and handled the PlayStation 3’s variation of the nunchuck controller, but that it’s wireless as well. This comes hot on the heels of a recent post on NeoGAF, where a user supposedly detailed the button configuration and appearance of the controller.

Just saw pictures of Wand/Nunchuk so:

Nunchuck has an analog stick at the front, below that X and O and below that a D pad. Underneath is L1 and L2. Its actually long, not like the Wii Nunchuk.

As for the Wand it has one very big button on top and then all four facebuttons (X,O,Square and Triangle) and underneath is a big trigger called T.

I’m guess the doubling up of X and O across the two is to keep full compatibility with single Wand set-ups.

Anyway, I’m sure we’ll see in the week.

This could potentially be very awesome news, as a wireless nunchuck-type peripheral would only add to the sense of immersion that the PS3 ‘wand’ controller is promising.

With Sony’s press conference only hours away (4PM PST, 7PM EST), we should probably hear something very, very soon. Stay tuned to PlayStation LifeStyle as we have a full team roaring and ready to go once Sony takes the podium.