MAG v1.04 Patch Deployment Imminent

Zipper may be hard at work with SOCOM 4, but they are still supporting MAG with regular updates. Tomorrow players of the massive shooter will be greeted with an update. There are various client and server fixes as well as some additional protection from cheats.

In addition to the patch North American MAG players can now access the previously exclusive pre-order armors. Each has faction-specific camouflage: Spyder for Raven, Hazard for SVER, and Bulldog for Valor. These will be available starting today.

The complete details of the update follow, the patch goes live sometime Friday March 12, 2010, but doesn’t specify the time. all MAG players in North America starting today, March 11

Patch v1.04

  • Available March 12, 2010
  • 40MB (TPPS), 30MB (DLS)


  • Fixed bug that made it possible for incapacitated players to be revived inside geometry (objectives, vehicles, walls, bridges, etc.).
  • Corrected “Kills at 120m” stat display bug.


  • Sniper rifles have been tuned to be less effective when they’re not scoped.
  • Slightly pushed out “effective” range of all short-ranged weapons (pistols, PDWs, shotguns, SMGs).


  • Fixed error text “undefined Unnamed” and the appearance of a blue APC icon that appeared when a Squad Leader FRAGO’d an APC objective.


  • Significant anti-cheat improvement that minimizes and blocks several “lag pedal” device exploits.
  • Enhanced all queues to accept Zipper-activated “Directives” game states.