Kratos Invades Canada, Brings Titan-Sized Amount of Pre-orders

God of War III is hitting stores very, very soon. Kratos anticipated return hits March 16th, and boy, people are excited. In fact, it seems many Canadians are also anticipating the God of War’s triumphant entrance onto PS3.

Ever since God of War III was revealed, it hasn’t left PlayStation gamers radars. The title has been followed closely, showing its evolution in graphics, and eventually becoming one of the best looking titles on PS3. The game is the end of Krato’s trilogy, and Canadians cannot get enough. reported that there are over 250 000 pre-orders for God of War III, setting a record for the most pre-ordered PlayStation 3 exclusive.

God of War III hits March 16th in North America, March 18th in Europe, and March 18th in Australia. While you’re waiting for your inevitable purchase, check out our review of the game..