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Alone in the Dark Creator Teases Next Game

Before being tarnished by the the movie, Alone in the Dark was a fantastic PC title released by Infrogrames in 1992. The game’s creator, Frédérick Raynal, followed up with another great game, Little Big Adventure, which spawned a sequel. His last released title was Soul Bubbles, which was released in 2008. Now, Raynal has begun to tease his new title.

On Raynal’s own personal website, the gaming genius updated the list of games he has worked on. At the bottom of the page lists a currently unknown title, which is to be out in 2010. The teaser image is of a chalkboard, which says the following: “The name of the next game is on the back of the slate.” Clicking it, however, will not give you an answer, but only an erased mess. Although below the chalkboard, it is revealed what the title will not be, and that’s a follow-up to Little Big Adventure 2: ”Sorry, it’s not LBA3 [Little Big Adventure 3]!”

The new game will be out this year, and will be released by Ubisoft.