Watch Movies, Play Games & Message PSN Friends

The PlayStation 3 is an amazing technical device with the capabilities to handle just about any form of entertainment available. Being an always connected product (for those with availability) insures that you will be getting messages from friend and foes alike.  While some of us have already invested in the PS Chat Pad, the fact that you had to add this on to the DualShock 3 was a no-go for some people.  Hyperkin has a solution that doesn’t need to clutter up your home entertainment area.

Hyperkin has designed a remote control for use with the PS3 that serves 3 functions.  Not only does it serve as a fully functional remote for the PS3 it also features a slide out keyboard which is a great way to respond to a buddy quickly.  It doesn’t stop there, the keyboard features all the buttons that you would find on the DualShock 3 as well.  While this doesn’t appear to be a replacement for the DualShock 3 it certainly is much smaller then a full sized wireless keyboard.  Like most of Sony’s first party accessories for PS3 this one contains an onboard battery.

“The Text Link Remote is the perfect tool for greater control of the PS3 platform,” stated Steven Mar, Hyperkin’s Marketing Director. “It’s well designed, sleek, and comfortable and offers all the functionality of a remote control, texting device and game controller, all in one convenient unit.”

Text Link Remote Features:

  • Sliding QWERTY Keyboard Design
  • 25ft Wide Angle 2.4GHz RF signal
  • Full control of movies, DVD’s, CD’s, media files and games
  • Dual analog sticks and buttons
  • Rechargeable NiMH battery
  • Includes USB charging cable
  • SRP: 39.99