MotorStorm 3 “The First Playable” Build in the Wild

MotorStorm (developed by Evolution Studios) was released to the massives in 2007, to the expected rave of PS3 owners. The title brought on destructions and gameplay that no other racer had previously brought to gamers, plus an exclusive PS3 title that would be bragged about for months. MotorStorm’s success paved away for two sequels – Motorstorm: Pacific Rift for PS3, and MotorStorm: Arctic Edge for PSP. Now, PS3 gamers are awaiting on news of a possible third console entry, which is getting more likely by the day.

A simple post on Neogaf has caused an uproar of excitement in the MotorStorm crowd. Neogaf user “tzare” has posted an image of what appears to be the first playable build of the rumored MotorStorm 3. He snapped the picture from his friend’s list.

Of course, we strictly advise readers to refer this as a rumor. When do you think MotorStorm 3 will be revealed? Post below!