Trinity Universe Coming to the West This Summer

NIS America is keeping busy on the PS3 lately, with yet another game being brought over to western audiences. This time that game is Trinity Universe.  Trinity Universe is a collaboration between Nippon Ichi Software, Gust, and Idea Factory, similar to Cross Edge, except for one big difference: this game will utlize 3D models instead of the usual 2D that has come to be associated with NIS Games.

The game will combine the characters of the Disgaea and Atelier series and give players the ability to play as Kanata or Rizelea, both with their own stories and guest appearances.  This is also the first chance to see Etna and the Prinnies in 3D, so get ready for a new adventure this June.

Trinity Universe Story (Kanata)

For generations, Kanata’s ancestors have protected the Nether universe by transmogrifying into a Demon God Gem. However, Demon God King Kanata refused to become the gem and instead became a Demon Dog King. Since then, he has enjoyed a carefree life in hiding, but he eventually began thinking about the toll of his decision. Accepting the title of Demon God King and becoming the gemstone will stop space debris from crashing into his world. If he could get to the source of the space debris and solve the problem, everybody will be happy. Determined, Kanata goes on a journey to save his world.

Trinity Universe Story (Rizelea)

Rizelea is a Valkyrie who keeps the galaxy’s peace and harmony. She has been keeping the peace for hundreds of years, but one day she decides to go to the run-down sections of the Netheruniverse to restore the peace there. When she arrives, she learns that the Netheruniverse is constantly in danger from space debris and decides to investigate this matter.

Trinity Universe comes to the US and Europe this June.