Planet MiniGolf Will Make You Move

ZEN Studios is already experienced in development with the PlayStation 3, with the likes of The Punisher: No Mercy and Zen Pinball released on the PS store. The developers are now interested in motion technology, and wish to take advantage of PlayStation Move with their newly announced title: Planet MiniGolf.

Planet MiniGolf will feature a deep single-player campaign with beautiful and elaborate courses and more than 140 challenging holes to keep you entertained. The title will be released exclusively on the PlayStation Network this spring and will utilize Sony’s PlayStation Move.

Zsolt Kigyossy, managing director of ZEN Studios spoke of his delight to bring the golf game to PlayStation owners:

Just as we have delivered the ultimate pinball experience with ZEN Pinball, Planet MiniGolf will serve as the ultimate arcade golfing experience on the PlayStation Network. Planet MiniGolf gives casual players and golfing aficionados alike everything they could ask for in a golf game, with wacky courses, character customization, custom course builder and global competitions.

Planet Minigolf will feature:

  • A deep and engaging single player campaign taking players through fantastically designed courses with over 140 different holes
  • Worldwide Tournament Play – Set up personal tournaments with a group of friends or go online up against gamers from around the world!
  • Golf Course Editor – Build, manage and share golf courses…make them crazy, challenging and wacky and then upload to share them online!
  • PlayStation Move Functionality – Planet MiniGolf will be fully compatible with PlayStation 3’s upcoming motion control system, “Move”
  • Multi-national Game – Countries in the world are represented on the global leader boards.

Check out the first screenshots of the title below: