FIFA Could Utilize PlayStation Move

PlayStation Move already boasts a great line-up of new games for its launch this Fall. Along with these new games, developers looking to integrate the technology into already released games. One of those games that may see added Move support could be the FIFA franchise.

Speaking to VG247 during a recent media event for the upcoming FIFA World Cup 2010 game, producer for the world cup title Simon Humbler stated that future FIFA games could utilize motion controls. However, because it would be “hard to integrate” the technology as a full control, it would only be suitable for mini-games.

Whenever any of these peripherals come out we think about what it could add to the football experience. I think the hard thing in respect of Sony’s device, which has comparisons to the Nintendo Wii device, is that the type of football you can provide for this isn’t particularly authentic.As you can see from our Wii version, the game is a lot arcadeier, with the big gestures and actions. I think there is a different experience there waiting to be uncovered, perhaps, but personally I think it is hard to integrate that into our football game.

What you could do potentially is add mini games with penalties and the like, but other than that I’m not sure what else you could do.

FIFA World Cup 2010 is slated for a summer release, just in time for the FIFA World Cup 2010 tournament hosted in South Africa.