PlayStation Move Passes Through FCC

Sure, you’ve read all about Sony’s PlayStation Move in our hands on impression, but if you’re looking to get some personal, one-on-one time with the device ahead of all your friends, then you should probably submit an application to the FCC’s career page. That’s where you’ll find possibly the only Move to leave Sony’s HQ unattended and subsequently smothered with latex gloves by strange figures in lab coats.

Due to a 180 day confidentiality agreement, the FCC isn’t disclosing much about the “Motion Controller,” but what they did reveal was the method in which Move connects with the PlayStation 3. Like the current DualShock3 controller, Move utilizes Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR for fast and effective data transmission. After undergoing extensive testing, specimen CECH-ZCM1U was ultimately deemed safe for human interaction and should have no problems ionizing you with radiation making its way to store shelves this fall. Hit up the source link for the full rundown of the FCC assessment.