Want to be First to Play ‘FirstPlay’?

When GamesRadar announced their exclusive PlayStation 3 announcement a while ago, it wasn’t exactly what some were expecting. The announcement was FirstPlay, European PSN’s take on an interactive online magazine like, Qore. For those who are eager to try out the new addition to the PlayStation Network, the digital magazine service release has now been dated.

FirstPlay, a brand new interactive HD show for gamers from Future Publishing, the company responsible for many top gaming magazines and websites, will be launching on April 8th, 2010 on the PlayStation Store.

The first episode will include a Just Cause 2 review, an exclusive in-game item for the title, God of War III gameplay footage, and some footage of Electronic Art’s upcoming FIFA World Cup 2010 game.

Editor-in-Chief of FirstPlay, Tim Clark, spoke of his delight to bring the service to PlayStation owners:

We’re tremendously excited to be finally launching FirstPlay, and to be bringing our brand of editorial direct to PS3 owners on their consoles. It will be an evolving service, but our focus will always be showing gamers the most exciting things on PlayStation systems.

PlayStation owners can download a new episode of FirstPlay via the PlayStation Store every Thursday. Alternatively, you can purchase a three month subscription for £8.99 (€ 10). FirstPlay consists of video reviews and previews, interviews, and content from the PlayStation Store, and will also give subscribers early access to exclusive demos and downloads, a’la Qore.