Spider-Man Won’t Move This September

April 5, 2010Written by Thomas Williams

Since Sony officially ‘re-introduced’ The PlayStation Move to the Gaming world early in March, developers left and right have been announcing support for Sony’s motion controller. Activision’s newest Spider-Man game, Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions would be a perfect for the device, right? Evidently not, find out why below.

IGN is reporting that neither PlayStation Move or Microsoft’s Natal will receive any type of motion support. Though Beenox Studios explored the possibilities off adding motion support, they ultimately decided not to due to the fact that it was too late in the developmental stages. Beenox didn’t shoot down the possibility that future Spider-Man titles could feature Move support though..

So sorry everyone..we gotta use one of those ‘controller’ things my Dad is always talking about.

Acitivision and Beenox Studios are aiming for an ‘amazing’ release of Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions this September.