Become The King of Pool This Week

April 7, 2010Written by Zak Islam

This week, releasing on the PlayStation Store is a game claiming to be the ‘King’ of the billiard table. Will this aim for the pocket or just break balls?

International publisher and developer Nordcurrent has announced a new PSP game entitled ‘King of Pool’. It will be released this Thursday with the PlayStation Store update for $9.99 (€7).

King of Pool contains a variery of Pool and Snooker games. The game will feature several locations, ranging from from a traditional British pub to a modern club in Tokyo. King of Pool distinguishes itself from other Pool and Snooker games, as it will feature wacky tables which you wouldn’t find in real life.

King of Pool will utilize turn-based multiplayer, so you can play this game with friends using a single PSP.