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PS3 Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus Package To be Delivered Late

April 8, 2010Written by Anthony Severino

PlayStation 3 owners have been eagerly anticipating the release of the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus Package DLC which has been available for some time now on Xbox Live. Those of you waiting for the Stimulus Package DLC, sadly, are going to have to wait a bit longer.

According to an “update” provided by Activision, the Stimulus Package DLC for Modern Warfare 2 will be arriving on Tuesday, May 4th in North America, and in PAL regions on May 5th.

For you PC gamers, the DLC will hit worldwide on May 4th.

The $15 DLC pack for Modern Warfare 2, has already shattered sales records for downloadable content on Xbox Live, selling over 2.5 million downloads since it first released. 1 million of which were downloaded within the first 24 hours of its release.