Tiger Woods and Madden Meet PlayStation Move Tomorrow Night

April 21, 2010Written by Jonathan Leack

PlayStation Move has been one of the big products to look forward to for PlayStation 3 owners since its announcement at E3 2009. With a 1:1 ratio, full-range of motion and the PS3’s powerful hardware, developers are looking to capitalize on the first-ever opportunity to make seemless motion experiences in highly-detailed environments. EA was recently confirmed as a strong supporter of the PlayStation Move, and it looks like they will be showing off their work thus far tomorrow night.

According to a Tweet on the official Sony PlayStation account, tomorrow night’s GameTrailers episode on SpikeTV will premier all-new Tiger Woods PGA Tour gameplay for the PlayStation Move. Madden NFL 11 will be on the episode too, but it’s not clear if Madden will utilize PlayStation Move. PlayStation’s Tweet states the following:

Tomorrow at midnight on SpikeTV, TIGER WOODS PGA TOUR on PS3 using PlayStation Move, plus Madden NFL 11

The latest Tiger Woods title on the Wii was a huge success, and while the Wii Motion Plus added a whole new element of gameplay and precision to the series, the accuracy of the PlayStation Move should make for a great sports experience. Check out the upcoming episode of GameTrailers with Geoff Keighley tomorrow April 22nd at 12AM and hopefully some footage will be available on the internet soon after.