The Playlist 4/23/10

Yet another dreadful work week has passed, and with that, us gamers like to kick back and unwind by popping our favorite games into our favorite console. We here at PlayStation LifeStyle are no different. Find out what the PSLS staff will be playing this weekend, and share your very own weekend gaming playlist.

I can start as always. My name is Cameron Teague and I am a Contributing Editor here at PSLS. This weekend I have a ton of games to play and very little time to do it. When i do find some time i will finally be taking my spartan to battle in God of War III, Solving a mystery in Heavy Rain and tempting fate in Resonance of Fate. Other than that the steady dose of NHL 10, a glimpse into Modnation Racers with the PSP demo and Monsters (Probably) Stole my Princess for review.

Now lets see just what the rest of the staff plans to be playing this weekend.

Dan Massi – Contributor

I’ll be playing Hysteria Project, which I’m very interested in playing! Then I’ll be going back to PixelJunk Shooter, as it’s been weeks since I’ve played it.

Jonathan Leack – Editor

I am trying to finish up Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time, which I might add is a fantastic title. I’ll be playing some Just Cause 2 or Bayonetta next while waiting for the legendary May PS3 line-up of ModNation Racers, Skate 3 and Red Dead Redemption.

Kyle Phillips – Author

Personally, I’ll be indulging in the awesomeness that is Fallout 3. Other than that, I think I’m going to look back on all my old, good, online titles. Killzone 2, Resistance: Fall of Man, Warhawk…look out!

Louis Edwards – Author

In honor of the NBA playoffs I have started playing NBA Live 10. Between

that and a BBQ, I should be busy all weekend.

Paul Eldridge – Copy Editor

With all the recent new content, I’ve gotten interested in Uncharted 2 multiplayer again.  The new Siege mode and maps are awesome.  I might also spend some more time with Episodes from Liberty City.

Ryan Ordway – Technology

I am going to be playing the first Wii game I have bought since the week after I bought the Wii — a little game called Monster Hunter Tri.  Eventually I will awake in a daze from my monster hunting binge to finish my recent return to Infamous for my evil/hard playthrough.  Bad grammar aside, i will inevitably get back to powering through to my next prestige in MW2.

Steven Garcia – Contributor

We should rename this “The Midterms Are Coming so This is What I Hope to Play If I Have Time Playlist”, but anyway, I got Borderlands this week for my birthday, so if I’m able to, I’m gonna push GOW3 to the side and definitely jump on that. I’ve been meaning to get back on MAG, but, oh well.

Thomas Williams – Contributor

Good news! I finally beat God of War III last weekend, which means I can finally focus on getting my first platinum trophy which will be Heavy Rain’s ultimate prize. Hopefully. I’ll also be getting prepped for Super Street Fighter IV which hits next Tuesday, but you already know that.

Zak Islam – Contributor

I’ll be taking Jack and his K9 for a whirl in the intriguing Dead to Rights: Retribution for PlayStation LifeStyle’s review. I’ll also be spending endless hours with the latest FIFA World cup game, also for review.