Madden 11 Demo Teams Revealed

April 24, 2010Written by Kyle P.

Every year, millions of football fans eagerly wait for the release of Madden. The acclaimed franchise draws the attention of not only die-hard football fans, but also more casual gamers. The hype for this year’s game is no different. Presumably, thousands of rabid gamers have taken off from work, to celebrate “Maddenoliday”. Recently, the developer, EA Sports, announced the teams that will be available for the demo of the game.

For some time now, EA Sports has been polling fans for who they would want to play as, in the game’s demo. Recently, the polling ended, and now the results are in. Players can play as either the Indianapolis Colts or the New York Jets. That’s right: Peyton Manning vs. Mark Sanchez. The demo is slated for its traditional July release, one month before the game hits the masses.

Madden 11, who is featuring the Saints’ Drew Brees on the cover, is releasing in August, for every console on the market.