Minis Review – Monsters (Probably) Stole my Princess

What would you do if you awake from your sleep to find your princess has been kidnapped?  Well, you would suspect monsters of course and that’s the exact angle this “Minis” takes.  Developed by Mediatonic, your are put in the shoes of one incredible bad ass as he searches far and wide for his princess who was stolen by monsters… probably.  Does this game have a happy ending or was it doomed from the beginning to fail?

You play as the most amazing and awesome guy in the world known only as “The Duke”, and while you are resting your sexy bones, a loud noise awakes you.  As you rush to find out just who dares to disturb your sleep, you find that your princess has been stolen and by Monsters (probably).  It’s now time to take to the offensive and find yourself the monsters who dare to touch your loving princess, if it’s even monsters at all.

The game is an upward-scrolling platformer where you will try and chase down the monster who stole your princess and bring him to justice.  Jump from platform to platform using regular, double and wall jumps to catch and hit your prey.  Your objective here it to hit the monster you are chasing 3 times before it reaches the top, otherwise it’s curtains for you.  You can build up combos as you jump from spot to spot but beware, if you miss and fall backwards then your combo chain will be broken.  Hit the evading princess’ kidnapper while you are performing a high combo and you will pull off an amazing finishing move that would make Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson proud.

You will battle your way through 6 stages to find your princess and there is really very little replay value in each stage aside from trying to complete it faster to get a better medal at the end. If you want to extend your play beyond the very short campaign, you will also find a score attack mode, but sadly, this is just more of the same from the campaign.  Here you have target scores to match on each level and you have to try and combo up high enough to clear the score while also taking down the monster.

When you’re not busy jumping up and down through the levels there is a scrapbook you can look through which details all of your amazingly badass exploits.  Players will also find an awards section that has 12 awards total to be achieved throughout the game. These should add some replay to the game, but alas, the whole package is a bit thin.  It’s too bad because the humor in the game is very well done and the game is presented in a extremely enjoyable manner, there just is not much past that.

Monsters (Probably) Stole my Princess is a funny game but does not have enough depth to really warrant a purchase. The campaign can be completed in about 10 minutes and past that, it’s much of the same throughout all the other modes.  It is really too bad because the game has a good premise. If it only had a bit more depth and possibly a bigger release platform (PSN, probably) this title could have been so much more.

PlayStation LifeStyle’s Final Score

Great Sense of Humor

Very Little Depth

Over too Quickly

4 out of 10