Vatra Games Cryptically Comments on Silent Hill FPS Rumor

April 25, 2010Written by Thomas Williams

Konami’s Silent Hill unleashed a new kind of fear on the PSOne back in 1999, and has being freaking out fans since. With the spine-tingling music plus the disturbing storylines and scenery, it’s no wonder that it is a fan-favorite series. Konami recently revealed to the gaming world that a new Silent Hill is in production, with little-known developer Vatra Games at the helm. Rumors have spread since then that the new SH game will be a first-person shooter, and when asked, Vatra Games gave a cryptic tease of an answer.

The Horror fanatics over at Rely On Horror wanted some answers — so they simply emailed Vatra Games and here’s the answer they received:

We can’t speak to any rumors at the moment, but will definitely have more information for you at E3 — stay tuned!

Hmm, oddly enough, they didn’t confirm or deny it. Seems like someone has been chatting with Bioware and the Splinter Cell: Conviction team a bit too much.

Yes, we here at PlayStation LifeStyle know that FPS games are ‘all the rage’ among the cool kids nowadays, but turning Silent Hill into one could alienate the hardcore fan base. Then again, since so many people play only FPS, this could bring in a whole new crowd of fans. Note to Konami: Silent Hill: Homecoming wasn’t that well received by fans or the press. Do us fans a favor and try not to ruin the series further. Please?

PlayStation LifeStyle will be at E3 2010 and you better believe that we’ll be there reporting all the latest Silent Hill news to you fans out there.