Sackboy Joins the ModNation Line-up, Mystery Mods Also Revealed

April 28, 2010Written by Dan Massi

ModNation Racers hits in less than one month, and the excitement and anticipation is increasing by the day. Along with an easy accessible track creator, there’s an even more accessible character creator. However, if you don’t feel like creating your own character, you can also take the opportunity to pre-order from a handful of retailers, to get your hands on PlayStation favorites Nathan Drake, Ratchet & Clank, or Kratos. But, that’s not all you can choose from.

Along with the current bonuses, gamers who plan on pre-ordering ModNation Racers at either Amazon, GameStop, Best Buy, or GameCrazy, will get a surprise Mod character. It won’t matter which store you pre-order at, you will be getting a pre-order voucher code to download one of the four Mod characters revealed.

Mouse Trap

Ready to catch his next meal, this clever cat speeds around a big wedge of cheese to lure in his next meal.

Mod Accessories: Feline Ears, Cat Eyes, and Claws

Kart Accessories: Cheese Wheel and Cat Toy Ornaments

Lil Tinker

Some kids were just born to race. Sporting a homemade Soap Box Racer and X-Ray Specs, this little rascal is ready to go.

Mod Accessories: X-Ray Glasses and Pot Helmet

Kart Accessories: Nail ornament and Trash Steering Wheel


MOO-ve over! There’s a new sheriff in town. If you don’t get out of his way, his truck will mow you into hamburger!

Mod Accessories: Cowboy Hat, Straw, and Chaps

Kart Accessories: Saddle Seat and Rope Steering Wheel


You don’t have to watch Caddyshack to know you don’t mess with this gopher and his souped up Golf Kart. Whether on the fairway or on the race track, this guy likes to “drive”!

Mod Accessories: Golf Hat, Gopher Nose, Argyle Sweater Vest

Kart Accessories: Golf Kart Seat

Also joining the cast of ModNation Racers is known other than the mascot of Play.Create.Share, Sackboy! Unlike the other PlayStation characters, pre-ordering ModNation Racers is not the only way to catch the LittleBigPlanet icon. Look out for specially marked ModNation Racers boxes, as a code will be packaged inside to download Sackboy, and his pretty awesome Cardboard kart. Be quick though, as the offer will only be available “while supplies last.”

ModNation Racers releases on May 25th 2010, for both PS3 and PSP.