SCEE PS Store To Update Daily During E3

The PlayStation Store has undergone some recent scheduling changes, including the day of the week that content will get pushed out. During E3, the largest convention in the videogame industry, that schedule is going to be mixed up some more over in Europe.

A statement from Mike Kebby over at the SCEE PlayStation Store team revealed the following in the comments section on the European PS.Blog site:

“As per previous years, the plan is that you will see daily updates during E3, but these daily updates will feature trailers only (apart from the usual Wednesday full publish).”

We imagine that the North American Store will have a similar update schedule during the show, with the full publish occurring on Tuesdays now. E3 is this coming June 15th, 16th and 17th, and of course you can expect full coverage here on PlayStation LifeStyle. Stay connected!