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GameCrazy Bites The Dust

May 3, 2010Written by Mike Hartnett

The retail gaming community will soon be in a state of mourning for the game retailer that was GameCrazy. The small sub-gaming division of Hollywood video had been going through tough times over the past two years with over 250 of their locations closing throughout 2009, leading up to the unfortunate news we bring to you today.

Word comes via a listing on CraigsList written up by central Oregon GameCrazy store manager Glenn J.

In approx. two weeks ALL Game Crazy and Hollywood Video stores will be entering liquidation. As the store manager, and employee since (almost) inception till the last day I wanted to thank all the many, many, many people who have been like our extended family. You have made a job a 2nd home. We will miss all of your faces and down to earth kindness. We have always striven to be your “neighborhood” game store and provide you with excellent customer service and I feel we have done a pretty good job.

This is indeed a sad day for those gamers out there who’ve enjoyed GameCrazy’s services over the past few years, as they had been one of the few major competitors for GameStop and served as the location for those who were fed up the store’s sales antics and often less-than-knowledgeable employees. Perhaps one day we’ll see another brick and mortar game retailer rise up and save us from the sticker covered cases that so many Americans are conned into buying. Until then, there are still a hefty number of options out there including Toys R Us, Best Buy and the like, along with online retailers like Amazon who’ve been treating their gaming customers quite nicely as of late.

As for those of you out there who are looking to take advantage of the liquidation to snag some games and hardware on the cheap, be sure and check out your local GameCrazy ASAP, as most of the good stuff is sure to go within the first week. We’ll be sure to keep you posted if and when we hear anything further regarding the situation.

So, what do you think of GameCrazy’s departure from gaming retail? Let us know in the comments below!