PS3 and PSP Decimate Competition In Japan

May 3, 2010Written by Mike Hartnett

MediaCreate’s latest hardware numbers are in and, as is becoming the norm, the PlayStation brand is taking top honors in what appears to be a landslide.

It’s no surprise that Sony’s line of consoles, both sit-down and portable, have been doing well, especially against its Western competition, the Xbox 360, over in Japan. However, as of late, not only has Sony’s gaming division essentially crushed Microsoft in the land of the rising sun, but it looks as though their hot on the heels of Nintendo as well, outselling the Wii and nearly taking out the DS trio.

Here are your Japanese hardware sales, April 19th-25th:

1st. PSP: 28,758 units sold

2nd. PS3: 25,629 units sold

3rd. Wii: 23,691 units sold

4th. DSi XL: 16,676 units sold

5th. DSi: 10,640 units sold

6th. DS Lite: 2,789 units sold

7th. Xbox 360: 2,214 units sold

8th. PSPGo: 1,544 units sold

9th. PS2: 1,490 units sold

PSPGo sales are still quite disheartening, as it seems that consumers around the world just don’t seem to be embracing the handheld like its older brother, the PSP-3000. Looks like gamers really do prefer options with their handheld. On the upside, these numbers also shows just how well Sony is doing overall when you consider the fact that the PS2, a console that is over 10 years old, is still managing to move several thousand units each week, over half the units of its next-gen competitor, how’s that for longevity?