Woman Willingly Shells $2400 for PS3

May 8, 2010Written by Ray Conley

Just how far are you willing to dig out of your pockets to enjoy what Sony’s console has to offer?  If some of you can remember 4 years ago when the PS3 was first launched, you’ll recall that many people had groaned about how expensive it was at $600.  Now prices have come down to reasonable levels between $300 – $400 for the new shiny, er… matted console.  However, there are still those out there who strangely are willing to trade a pretty penny to own the PS3.

In one particular session of Judge Judy, the plaintiff claims to have been shoveling $2400 towards her PS3 console on a rent-to-own payment plan.  Her reason?  It was for her and her three-year-old!

I’m not entirely sure what is going on in the plaintiff’s mind, and neither does the honorable Miss Judy.  Perhaps I should tune into her more often should I ever be in the mood for some pure oddities.


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