Mafia II Story Length Detailed

May 11, 2010Written by Kyle P.

Gamers around the world are anxiously awaiting the release of Mafia II, a game that will finally allow them to fulfill their 1950’s gangster fantasies. While multiple previews and media have emerged, no concrete information has released regarding the game’s storyline, and more specifically, the length. Having no multiplayer, lots of pressure has been put on 2K to deliver a solid experience like the first Mafia title. Judging by the comments made by 2k’s Alex Cox, gamers need not worry about the quality or length of the singleplayer.

Speaking with Xbox World 360 Magazine, 2k Games’ Alex Cox talked about Mafia II’s highly anticipated singleplayer component, specifically highlighting the length of the game.

“I’d say the critical path is about 15 hours, maybe a bit longer. It’s a nice length, big enough to feel epic without overstaying its welcome.”

A game of roughly that length should settle quite well with gamers. The length will provide an above average length without feeling like a drawn out Role-Playing Game. Is 15 hours too short, or too long? Will this deter you from purchasing the game?