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Test Drive PS3 ModNation Racers With Incoming Demo

May 11, 2010Written by Anthony Severino

ModNation Racers, the upcoming kart-racer from United Front Games is releasing in just 2 weeks. Have you been wanting to take ModNation Racers for a test drive but you missed out on last December’s Beta test? You may have your chance “very soon”…

Rev your engines folks as you’ll be getting the chance to kick the tires on ModNation Racers very soon. Aside from a PSP demo which is due out today, Chuck Lacson, Associate Product Marketing Manager for SCEA, has revealed that a PS3 demo is incoming. When asked on the PlayStation.Blog if a PS3 demo would available, Chuck replied:

short answer- YES!

Another PS.Blog user proceed to ask the obvious follow up question… When?

soon…very soon.

Chuck Lacson, then went on to confirm the PSP demo due today, which hints at the PS3 demo not being available this week. However, there is only 2 weeks left until ModNation Racers release, and he did say the demo was coming soon. So we’ll likely see the PS3 demo within the next 2 PlayStation Store updates.

Will you be picking up ModNation Racers when it drops in 2 weeks?