Exclusive Arkham Asylum DLC Now Available

May 13, 2010Written by Joseph Peterson

Batman: Arkham Asylum was one of the most popular videogames of this past year without a doubt. Rocksteady Studios did a wonderful job of catching the atmosphere of the Dark Knight’s universe. The time and effort put into the title led to multiple awards, including many Game of the Year awards from many sites. Those that  pre-ordered Batman: Arkham Asylum from the major retailer GameStop were treated to an exclusive DLC that was unavailable to anyone else. This also was the same for owners who opted for the Collector’s Edition of the title. Well they aren’t so exclusive anymore…

The Gamestop pre-order exclusive “Dem Bones” and the Collector’s Edition featured the “Crime Alley” pack.  Both of which are now available in the PlayStation Store for $3.49