New Call of Duty Domains Are Out of This World

May 14, 2010Written by Steven Garcia

Despite losing a majority of the talent behind its cash cow and subsequently being sued, if you seriously thought Activision was going to sit back and not milk the Call of Duty franchise dry, well, you have our sympathy. Recently, several new web domains registered by the publishing behemoth and donning the Call of Duty name have popped up for speculation on the internet’s radar.

The domains in question were uncovered by Superannuation after being created just three days ago. Now, it’s not surprising to anyone that Activision plans on moving the franchise forward, but what’s interesting is where the domains suggest it plans to take it. Included in the list are names of potential CoD titles and their respective sequels including “future warfare”, “advanced warfare”, “secret warfare”, and get this, “space warfare”. We’re guessing “Call of Duty: Journey to the Center of the Earth Warfare” was taken? Nevertheless, what Activision has in store for the future of Call of Duty is anybody’s guess, but if these domains are any indication, we could all be moon walking our way through Domination on Saturn’s rings before we know it.