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SCEA Preparing to Launch New PSP Ad Campaign

May 22, 2010Written by Steven Garcia

Kevin Butler has served his cause well. Since his very first appearance kicking off Sony’s It Only Does Everything ad campaign, PS3’s on store shelves has become a rarity, and the world has fallen in love with his unique charm; so much so, that Sony plans to extend production of their comedic approach at least through 2010. While all is well on the PS3 front, increasing the PSP’s appeal to a broader range of consumers, however, is an entirely different puzzle, one that the K man himself – surprisingly – won’t be responsible for solving.

According to Siliconera, Deutsch LA, the same name you’ll find in the credit rolls of the Butler ads, has been tasked with creating an entirely new spokes-er…boy. Meet 12-year old Marcus Rivers. He’s the personification of PSP fanboyism and he’s pumped and ready for action to act as Sony’s Deputy of (insert promotion reference here) in a brand new campaign aiming to bring awareness to the PSP’s amazing abilities. Marcus will be introduced alongside Butler in the first of a series of initial ad spots and from there…well, who knows? (Spoiler Alert!: Rivers will star in two subsequent commercials as Deputy of Unbelievable Game Deals promoting MGS: Peace Walker and ModNation Racers as Deputy of Sibling Relations, respectively.)