PlayStation Move Wants in on the Summer Fun

May 25, 2010Written by Steven Garcia

From the PS3 Slim and its portable sibling to the more recent Little Big Planet 2 fiasco, it’s pretty apparent Sony has a history of not being able to keep a secret. You would think those past blunders would prompt who ever’s in charge to make some swift changes, however it seems it’s business as usual over at Sony HQ. Despite the PS Move being on record for a slated fall launch, the latest news making it’s way around the net seems to suggest otherwise.

The South African retailer most notable for spilling the beans on Microsoft’s 250GB Xbox 360, has once again come into the spot light. Courtesy of lazygamer, the following image comes from an online catalog that was recently posted by BT Games on their site.

Our first instinct is to brush this off as a possible typo, but taking into account the retailer’s inability to keep privileged information, well, privileged, we’re reluctant to do so. With E3 2010 right around the corner, we’ll know more about Sony’s summer plans in just a few short weeks, but considering Microsoft’s Natal pegged for release sometime in November, it makes more than perfect sense for Sony to shock and awe the competition with a surprise attack first strike.