Get What You Pay For With Feature-Rich PSN+

May 26, 2010Written by Jonathan Leack

Rumors involving an optional premium paid service for PSN have been on the internet for close to a year now. The evidence seems to suggest its implementation is concrete, but nobody has been able to find out its pricing or what Sony has decided to name the service. Now it looks like one of those two questions can be check-marked today.

According to Joystiq, reputable sources claim that the upcoming premium service from Sony will be called PSN+. As far as raw details go, the article states the following:

As PSN+ subscribers, gamers will also receive protection for their consoles with the recently announced PlayStation Protection Plan, as well as exclusive access to the long-awaited cross-game voice chat.

While this is simply a rumor, cross-game voice chat has been one of the most sought-after additions to Sony’s PlayStation Network. While a price still hasn’t been set in stone, a protection plan alone could essentially pay for the service itself assuming PSN+ is priced reasonably.

We should expect to see a formal announcement of the so-called “PSN+” at E3, which I might add is only 3-weeks away. Look out for further premium PSN details as well as our live E3 2010 coverage in June!