Just Cause 2 Boom Pack DLC Hits the Black Market

If you’re one of those types that enjoyed bringing destruction and chaos to Just Cause 2, then prepare to add more space to your weapons locker.  The Black Market Boom Pack is now available for DLC on the PlayStation Network.

This downloadable weapons pack will add three volatile weapons to Just Cause 2 for all you pyromaniacs to increase your frag count. The three weapons included are the following:

  • Quad Rocket Launcher – half shotgun, half rocket launcher, all carnage
  • Cluster Bomb Launcher – the natural successor to the grenade launcher
  • Air Propulsion Gun – a highly experimental jet-powered blast weapon, powerful enough to send vehicles and soldiers skyward

This addition will empty your pockets at $1.99 (US currency), but should provide a fair bit of entertainment. Head on over to the PlayStation Store and try out these new weapons right away!