Shaun White Skateboarding Details Arise Alongside New Stylish Trailer

May 26, 2010Written by Zak Islam

The world-renowned snowboarder and skateboarder, Shaun White, is back in his latest video game but this time on wheels in Shaun White Skateboarding. Ubisoft have released new information regarding their take on the virtual skateboarding experience (this is where Skate 3 will laugh at Ubisoft).

In Shaun White Skateboarding you will be able to transform a dull, lifeless city into your own extraordinary skating playground. A major wow factor of the game is that as players skate and complete challenges, the city comes to life – new areas are revealed, better skate lines are created and buildings are transformed – one word: awesome.

Players can stretch and twist handrails to dizzying heights, empty fountains to create bowls, morph streets into ramps and much more. 80+ skate tricks hand-picked by Shaun gives players the opportunity to pull off real skate moves. Shaun White Skateboarding will also feature a multiplayer online component for players to skate it out online in the plethora of game modes.

Nick Harper, Creative Director of the game spoke about unique Shaun White Skateboarding really is:

When we started making the game, we knew we wanted to give players a sense of how skaters see the world – everything is an opportunity. What looks like a handrail to us is really a grind. A park bench is a place to trick, an alley is a quarter pipe, etc. We’ve taken that idea and expanded it. We wanted to put our own twist on the genre and craft the type of game that allows players to be creative and still have a lot of fun.

If you just couldn’t be bothered to read the above, Ubisoft have also released the game’s announcement trailer showing what the game will offer in a style which will undoubtedly amaze you. So we recommend you watch the trailer below:

Shaun White Skateboarding is currently scheduled for a release this fall for the PS3, 360 and Wii. More information regarding the title will be unveiled during the upcoming E3 expo.