The PlayStation 3 Getting More Flexible

How would you like to be able to charge your PS3 controllers while also adding more USB ports to your gaming setup and keeping it all nice and neat? If you do, then the TwistDock will be the perfect peripheral for you when it releases in the U.S. during E3. The peripheral has already released in Europe for the price of €79,99, which translates to about 98 bucks here in the states, though no word has officially been given on a stateside price.

For those who don’t know about this amazing piece of hardware yet, the TwistDock allows you to keep your gaming setup clean, while also adding 4 USB ports for accessories, 2 USB ports for extra charging, and a place to charge your PS3 controllers. While its sure to be a bit expensive here in the states, it should be a great addition for those looking to keep their gaming area clean while also gaining more flexibility with their system.