Dead to Rights: Retribution Gets Its First DLC

Dead to Rights: Retribution places you into the shoes of the game’s protagonist, vice-cop Jack Slate, along with his vicious sidekick Shadow. Jack and man’s best friend will have to battle their way through hordes of underworld gangs in their quest to solve a conspiracy. To further enhance the gameplay and value of the action title, new downloadable content entitled: “GAC Pack” has been released, and a new trailer has been released to show the game’s first intriguing DLC pack.

The “GAC Pack” will include two new completely different modes of gameplay as well as exciting bonus options to enrich the player’s experience with the game. “Assault on the 87th Precinct” is a new mission that reveals a flip side to the story, allowing players to experience the action from the GAC (Grant City Anti-Crime) enemy’s side of the battle.

In “Riot Control Mode,” Jack and Shadow fend off increasingly difficult waves of GAC forces to earn points and trophies based on speed and style, with high score bragging rights on international leaderboards. The previously pre-order exclusive “Jack Pack” and “Shadow Pack” are also included in the “GAC Pack” allowing players to access armor for Jack, stealth camouflage for Shadow as well as an action mode. All this is available for an affordable price of $4.99 and clocks in at 639mb.

Check out the video which includes gameplay footage for the DLC below:

Listen up developers and publishers: Dead to Rights: Retribution GAC DLC pack is a shining example of what DLC should be: a short but sweet and engaging extension to the original story that offers something different from the main game.

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