Eden Games Cherry Picking Beta Testers

Test Drive Unlimited 2 is an upcoming open world driving game being developed by Eden Games and published by Atari. The racer will feature dynamic weather effects, day and night cycles, an intriguing online multiplayer mode, and vehicle damage as well as the ability for players to customize their cars. Recently Eden Games has begun registration for its closed beta phase for Test Drive Unlimited 2.

In the months leading up to the September release date, Eden Games will be hiring beta testers from a batch of applicants who will be chosen based on “their knowledge of the genre, passion for video games, and the ability to effectively test the evolving beta stage software in use,”. The beta will be on PC and PlayStation 3 and you can apply over on the official website.

“Test Drive Unlimited 2 is expanding on the worldwide success of Test Drive Unlimited and we’re thrilled to be giving racing fanatics another chance to play full throttle in this stunning M.O.O.R. video game,” said exec producer, Vince Farquharson of the beta.

“At this point in the title’s development we are looking for opinions, feedback and rigorous road testing from our beta testers to help us optimize the performance, handling, and the final feel of the game. These beta testers will be among the first players on earth to experience Test Drive Unlimited 2, and their views will help make this title an even bigger success.”

Check out the latest trailer for Test Drive Unlimited 2.